Back to school!

Sharples School Prospectus 2014/15

Sharples School Prospectus 2014/15

IMG_5884 IMG_5888

I was REALLY pleased to be asked again to design and produce the Sharples School prospectus, which this year consisted of a two-part prospectus and a folder. It’s also lovely to see the pupils in the new uniform, which I also had a hand in designing!

Wheatsheaf Print in Cheshire did a fantastic job – as always – and have just sent a file copy to me… hot off the press.

The client sent me an email: “We absolutely LOVE it – everyone picks it up to fondle all the lovely colours!! Thank you so much for a fantastic job and we will of course let you know about any future work.”

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  1. Chris Payne says:

    Wow! I love the cover of the brochure where you punch through the eyes and ear of the student.

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