Back to school!

Over the past couple of months, I have been working with Sharples School up in Bolton to create a brand new look for their school logo and branding. And here are the results!



The Headteacher, Rachel Quesnel was a fellow graphic design student with me back in the day of ¬†University… or as it was then, Manchester Poly! So it was great to be working on the design with her.

The prospectus is well underway and is shortly going to press… Uniforms have been designed but are on hold until the school settles in to the new look… all VERY exciting!…watch this space!

Talking of school, my summer holidays have been spent learning more and more about painting in oils. I am just about to complete a six day portrait painting workshop run by a young artist Tim Patrick. The workshops have been held at the studios of Jake Spicer in Brighton and they have been absolutely fabulous! Tim is brimming with passion and knowledge of his subject and has a real gift of getting that information across in a very inspirational way. I’ll post the end result after I finish my final day tomorrow!


A real treat for the summer was spending another week up at the fabulous LARA studios in London under the tuition of Luca Indraccolo. This time I signed up for figure painting… which brought many challenges but then that’s why I do it! Luca is an amazing tutor and even though this is the third time I have done one of his courses I learnt PLENTY!!! … I’ll probably see you yet again Luca!

Just before the summer I attended some great lectures at The Sussex County Arts Club. Jeremy Radvan held eight lectures on Anatomy for Movement. Although I have been life drawing for decades, I have never formally studied anatomy… and now wondering why it’s taken me so long… If these lectures come round again I will definately be there!

Well, enough of my arty stuff for now…

I’ll be back soon!



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