Oh, to be holidaying in Yorkshire!

Town End Farm website

Town End Farm, Yorkshire

Just finished a really lovely project for some friends I’ve known since school! Jackie and Ian Berry very kindly asked me to design the logo, stationery and website for their brand new venture up in North Yorkshire. The place looks fabulous – and I hope I’ve done it justice! Go and take a look at: www.townendfarm.org.uk


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1st April 1985 was the first day of my 30 year career as a Graphic Designer. Back in the day I was doing my job using Pantone markers, Letraset, typesetters, waxing machines, scalpel knives and PMT cameras. All the designs were done on layout paper and had to be accurately rendered using marker pens – everything from images to accurately drawn lettering. In 1987 I was trained in using the latest graphics computer which was an Artron 2000 – which cost the company about £25,000. I found it so clunky and counter intuitive compared to what could be done manually – and so did the other designers – it didn’t last long!. Most of my time, however was spent working on a lovely drawing board even though the Apple Mac arrived in the studio. By this time, I had worked my way up to Senior Designer and I found myself designing all sorts from Annual Reports to Corporate Identities, to exhibition stands, food packaging – and even a Kettle and it’s packaging at one point! I also Art Directed the vast majority of Photography for the company – most of it for some of our major clients in the cheese making industry (could get a bit smelly at times!) – and at the time there was no photoshop – so everything had to be done ‘in camera’. In 1997 I went solo and started freelancing for clients all over the world using a Mac, a 28.8K modem and a fax machine! I’m not sure how I managed it, but I did. I still get a real kick and a thrill from being a designer and I count myself as incredibly lucky to have found a job that I LOVE doing and earn a living from, for the last 30 years… Thank you to all who have employed me and trusted me with their design projects.

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Ten years after!

Sorry to all you music lovers – no I’m not talking about the rock group…

Ten years ago it was my little sis’s 40th and I painted her a portrait of her eldest son… Ten years after – yes, you’ve got it – it was her 50th (on Saturday in fact) and so with a stick of charcoal and lots of love I did another portrait of Miles… Here’s the difference of ten years from aged 12 to 22! What a handsome chap!

miles aged 12

Miles aged 22

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Back to school!

Sharples School Prospectus 2014/15

Sharples School Prospectus 2014/15

IMG_5884 IMG_5888

I was REALLY pleased to be asked again to design and produce the Sharples School prospectus, which this year consisted of a two-part prospectus and a folder. It’s also lovely to see the pupils in the new uniform, which I also had a hand in designing!

Wheatsheaf Print in Cheshire did a fantastic job – as always – and have just sent a file copy to me… hot off the press.

The client sent me an email: “We absolutely LOVE it – everyone picks it up to fondle all the lovely colours!! Thank you so much for a fantastic job and we will of course let you know about any future work.”

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